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HOOTe CAT and the sexy hot chipper in .. “TROUBLE”!

July 14, 2010

my fave chipper is back .. and she came to tease

thank gosh for the nite.. she doesn’t seem to visit in the dark.  at first my gal came for.. what we lovingly refer to as “chipper magnets”.. tiny tidbits of yummy grub like sunflower seeds and cherry tomatoes.

but now my pals.. she’s here for me!  the ol’ HOOTe CAT. comes and dances and swings that little butt around.. teases me with those plump luscious cheeks.. plays hide and go seek in the flower pots.. jiggles and taunts me to come and play.  almost had her.. cept for that darn glass door that separates us so.

this vid is for you.. my dear sexy hot friend.. my “chipperette”!


..ahhh babe.. be mine.. don’t ever leave me!



HOOTe CAT and his ladies

May 22, 2010

new vid!

hi pals,

my two beautiful friends.. shiva and jaya  .. aka @shivaandjaya in tweet talk, brainstormed the idea for this cool video. they saw me in the duet.. playin the pianer with ZePP the singing  pooch, and wanted to co-star in a musical. these fine ladies are my twitter cheerleaders .. as they tweet it..  they like to  “shakey their bums” for me..  how bout that.. yah babes!    what a lucky MAN cat am i?

i’m honored to have a bunch of swell twitter pals, and facebook buds..  but my ladies thought of this.  then my housemate.. tCC.. aka.. @theCLOSETCAT, agreed to make a cameo appearance. yah pals.. she came out of the closet for a brief shot.. personally i think she was just hungry and screaming for food.  usually when SHE, tries to film  tCC,  camera..  action..  and we get a butt shot of the bulky black cat headin for the nearest doorway.. so this is big!


check out the anipal times!

May 17, 2010

hey pals and palerinas.. i’ve been a baaaad pussycat about writing in my blog. been thinkin about shakin things up here at HOOTe CAT’s blog.. so stay tunned!

but i’m still writing for the anipal times! if you haven’t seen this paper.. it’s for us animal pals!  you really should check it out.

i’ve written about twitter, facebook, and the last edition was on the cat channel and dog channel. all kinds of social media info and places to visit..

so.. uppy uppy from the catnap.. and start readin’!


April 16, 2010

ever hear of


The Anipal Times


i write for it!  see my column… social media for the anipal times


made this fancy logo using a special toy you can use too! see all about it in my section! 

 us anipals.. we’re natural “tweet” pals!

thing is, i’m fairly new to twitter, and i’ve made so many new buds. never thought i’d refer to myself as a “networking cat”.. but i do! yah babe.. i do it all! and twitter grabbed me. started as one little tweet, then another, and after my first “pawty” in February, i was hooked! addicted as they say…

my true twitter confession.. there’s a couple of buds, i feel i know so well, can’t wait to meet em at the corner, or some local joint for happy hour! fyi, that’s what is all about…

imagine that.. an anipal dream come true! … or NOT? can you see us all at a social gathering… would that be more of a zoo, or a farm, or a food fest? cats, dogs, birdies, bears.. oh NO bears?.. reptiles and RODENTS! i’d have to invite my dear pal “chipper”.. you know, i love my chippers! or how bout the first ever, anipal slumber party? imagine the mood swings at that one.. beware of the nocturnal crowd!

but.. back to my story.. i go to this “pawty”, it’s an absolute HOOT, find out it’s for charity as well as a good time! decided some “pal” had to inform the world, no, the universe, about this anipal community.. and that pal was ME!

i start tweeting with @Snick_the_Dog, tell him i gotta do some kind of big PR stuff, reporting about this. figure it would bring a lot of new anipals to twitter, maybe some human tweeters too! …hey.. this could make twitter famous!

we start thinkin’, ya know, brainstorming. he says.. like a newspaper?  genius huh? tell him we gotta have @cokiethecat.. he’s one the most creative pals i ever met, and a real good puss! so snick and cokie start tweeting, they kick up the ideas.. then POWEE, like an unstoppable force.. the ANIPAL TIMES was born!

calling all anipals to twitterland! all sizes, breeds, types and nations. frolic, tweet, learn and grow. it’s whatever you make of it!

now i’m waiting for the guys to tweet me, figure they want offer me gainful employment as their official “virtual ANIPAL reporter AND superstar”…

 and YOU.. tweet me! yah babe! @HOOTeCAT

see my party report on this blog post called twitter for cats dogs and all anipals on February 23, 2010



March 29, 2010


sing along with HOOTe CAT and Zeppelin the rottweiler


what do you think is really happenin’ in this playhouse? 

think it’s me, HOOTe really playin’ the pianer      and ZePP himself singing

are we playin’ on the same stage     is ZePP  possessed, aka Led Zeppelin 

are we ready for a nationwide tour     you got a gig we could play $$$

we wanna hear from YOU our pals

? ? ?


March 18, 2010


and TWO youtube videos

so friends and furry pals.. it’s been a long lonely winter. 

the waitin’ time is over, me buds are back.. the “chippers,” or as you out-of-towners refer to them… the chipmunks!

turns out,  i have one very special “pet” chipper.   really should name the little fellow.    SHE trained him..  puts out little “chipper magnets,” usually sunflower seeds, occasionally some fruit and veggies.     yah, i like that.. makes him nice and plump!

i keep askin’ him to step in, tell him it’s dinner time!  guess he sees me salivating,  makes a run for the bushes. the drool must give me away.

if you haven’t seen my stuff on youtube,  here ya go, two versions. the first is “gentle,”  fine for the kids…



the “chirping” you hear…  it’s really the chipper…  sounds a bit like a bird.


now this one,  not so gentle.  me, HOOTe CAT… i’m planning dinner.  turn away my rodent friends. this is not for your eyes.  it starts out like my winning “litter of laughs” vid,   but totally different..   i promise ya!  

what did you expect

…i’m a CAT…


spring fever!

March 8, 2010

♥   ain’t love groovy   ♥

 love is in the air…  so bring on the chippers!   seems like they’ve been gone so long.  find myself running to  “chipper haven”,  big window in the kitchen, street level. very convenient for my wildlife encounters. been trying to entertain myself with    “senorita squirrel”…




go on, tease from a distance… come on babe,  bring that pretty tail over here…let’s crack the window and play!  yah babe!

 my tail is a twitterin’      my brain is a shiverin’      my belly is a quiverin’

                                                                        xox  ♥    YUM    ♥ xox


… of my real pal “chipper” are off to the right on flickr photos…..