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my first blog? i’m a CAT

December 7, 2009

so what’s this blog stuff anyway?      i’m a cat,    C.A.T.

videos are my game, i’m an actor,  i’m a videoblogger cat,  not a writer….   so “SHE”s assisting.   says i’m her passion….

it’s just plain addiction.  she’s obsessed.   maybe medication or shock therapy might  help.  everything is HOOTe this and HOOTe that.   

if she just had a child, but no,  too old to have one.  maybe Octamom could cut one loose or do a little surrogate number, and i’d get some down time                            ….and they say you should “fix” cats.

i’m a very happy boy!  talk about spoiled. it’s food, food, food!  love gourmet goodies.   trained her big time, the only time i puke is from cheap packaged cat food.  make a BIG mess,  and look real pitiful.  then it’s home cookin’ for days.  

i eat almost everything,  have  my own dining table, it’s in the videos.  problem is, i have to do tricks AND behave …..i keep tellin’ her, i’m a CAT.

then, i torture izzabell, yeah that’s big fun! she lives here too, the “closet cat”.    a big black furball with piercing golden eyes. sometimes that’s all i see, those glowing eyes, watching me, following me.

i know she’s waiting, so i give her the “look”.   yup, the “LOOK”, it works real good.   she starts ggggrrrr, soft and gentle at first. so, I give her more, she starts to panic, where to run?

and the minute she starts running……………yeah babe,   it’s ME, HOOTe, on your back.   riding izzi down the hall like a lop-sided catamaran,  whooopeee!  jaws around her neck, holding on real good.   need to keep my teeth sharp and jaws strong, for all that  good grub.

izzi knows i love her, she’s even slimming down from the exercise.  talk about bulky.  then, i’m pooped, so i sleep, anywhere i want, as long as i want! 

then we start the whole thing again…….



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