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big trouble ‘cuz of the Closet Cat… please take my poll!

January 9, 2010


i need your help – me  HOOTe!

 please… take my poll at the bottom of  this post,  what do you want to see more of?   and send comments… ‘reply’… let me know.  i’m asking cuz of what SHE says below.  “SHE” is my trainer, photographer, the misses, the madam, keeper of the food.

i didn’t hurt the closet cat, honest… we were just playing, sometimes CC  starts it.

closet cat  had the perfect opportunity to take off,  i knock her totally out of the box… yah, that was a good one! CC  gets back in! she loves it! gets on her back and pops me, right  in the chops…again and again. throws those dainty ballerina HOOFS at me!  and in that last shot, CC clobbers me real good, then says she’s only playing with me.  now, i’m waiting for the tooth fairy.

 …perhaps you saw me pose for the close ups, gave the camera “the look”… a handsome boy, yes?

 if you wanna see part 2, “singing lesson”, click on the link & enjoy. it’s another version of the cat fight, my personal favorite… but i’m in too much trouble to feature it here. 




They were concerned that you might be abusing Izzi, aka “CC”, the Closet Cat, and others wanted to know who she was. Perhaps this was not your best choice of videos?  Statements like “so I GAVE it to her” and words such as “pummel” might seem harsh.

 I thought we best explain…Izzi is a 12 year old, very sweet but very shy, kitty.  Just like you, she was adopted from a shelter as a kitten. Okay, she is a bit different, and yes, you’ve helped her a lot.  She’s out of the closet much more, actually most of the time! She screams for attention and love, or maybe food? And Izzi has lost a lot of weight! The Feline Therapy Hotline would be impressed. But  “Bulky”? … let’s call it girlish curves.



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  1. Pat Panka permalink
    January 11, 2010 6:48 am

    There all done well & have enjoyed all of them.

    Thanks, Pat

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