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spring fever!

March 8, 2010

♥   ain’t love groovy   ♥

 love is in the air…  so bring on the chippers!   seems like they’ve been gone so long.  find myself running to  “chipper haven”,  big window in the kitchen, street level. very convenient for my wildlife encounters. been trying to entertain myself with    “senorita squirrel”…




go on, tease from a distance… come on babe,  bring that pretty tail over here…let’s crack the window and play!  yah babe!

 my tail is a twitterin’      my brain is a shiverin’      my belly is a quiverin’

                                                                        xox  ♥    YUM    ♥ xox


… of my real pal “chipper” are off to the right on flickr photos…..



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  1. cokiethecat permalink
    March 9, 2010 12:26 am


    I ADORE this video. The squirrel. HOOTeCAT. HOOTe’s super twitchy tail, his perfect wigglebutt, the slams against the sliding glass door and ultimately the wascally squirrel absconding with HOOTe’s yellow ball! The audacity! One of these days, Alice…

    Cokie the Cat

    • March 9, 2010 1:23 am

      you ARE the hollywood cat! actually combing 2 of my starring movies in to 2 SMASH comedy! you’re the BEST!!! H

  2. gail mueller permalink
    March 9, 2010 3:33 pm

    Too much snow in HOOTe land! Crack the door and let his girlfriend in for hot cocoa.

    • March 10, 2010 10:56 am

      just a tease…. silly girl…look at the life i could give her!

  3. March 9, 2010 4:30 pm

    LOVE the video and LOVE YOU HooTe Cat.

    How much do we wish there could be a squirrel visiting our balcony. My kitties would love that :). The other day a huge bird stopped by, perching by the door for a few minutes. It was so much fun watching them staring at the bird and prowling forward. :).

  4. March 17, 2010 3:05 pm

    Oh, wow! Wonderful video!

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