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turns out this is a static page, can’t post to it, but it will be great to offer updates, info & instruction!


have cat loving friends? anyone sign up for my videoblog!  i’ll do home delivery. when i get creative, and add a post, i’ll send it to them!  there’s 2 ways … both are on the right side of my homepage, just above the photos. stick your email address in the box & click “sign me up” – or – click the “RSS post” orange button.  if you’re not sure what this stuff is all about, ask me!    H  



if you’d like to see more videos join me at  

or get in to social networking, remember i’m a rookie.  if you’re pro – teach me, or new – great we’ll team up

what do you expect, i’m a cat C.A.T. 

 –  search   HOOTe  CAT  or  HOOTeCAT  – with a space or without –


coming to many other video hosts & websites soon!



did you know, i  won the

Washington Post’s  2009 Best Pet Trick Contest? ya babe!



anytime  e-mail me @


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